Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to make a pretty necklace with pearls economic

Select a particular length for your necklace. Purchase of a string of beads a few inches more than the desired length. Buy enough beads cheap. You may find quite a wide range of beads of various shapes, sizes and designs in the market. You can also make use of spacer beads to distinguish the normal spheres. The spacer beads help giving attractive designs for a necklace or any other beaded jewelry. In addition to the wire, beads and spacer beads, you will need a buckle and two points of beads. They are necessary to secure the ends of your necklace. When you have all the necessary materials, you can start with instructions on how to make a necklace.
Arrange all the cheap beads on the floor or on a flat surface. It will be good if you put the beads on a towel or similar material to prevent them from rolling away and spread. Think of a design for your necklace. You can refer to magazines or websites on jewelry to get an idea of ​​the design necklace for you. Determine the order of stringing the beads. Take the wire and form a node to one of its ends. The knot will keep the beads tied by wire. Make the knot a bit 'far from the extreme end otherwise it could lead to the risk of non-knotting pearls of the necklace. Push the end of the non-knotted thread through one of the open ends of the tip bead of string through the hole. Push the heel back toward the knot. The heel should be supported inserted to the hole. Put a small amount of craft glue on the knot. This will keep the node to open out. Allow the glue to dry well. String The number of beads cheap. Thread the other bead tip. This makes the open end of the tip of ace away from beads strung. Now, form a loose knot at the end of the thread. Use a long but straight pin to push the knot down in the extreme open toe heel. Make sure that the knot rests firmly against the hole. Cut the thread more. Make use of pliers to secure the tip of the heel. At this point of time, your aim is to join the loop at the end of each sphere. You can do this by placing a piece on a hook clasp tip heel. Use pliers to close one ring to another. Repeat the steps with the remaining clasp piece at the other end of the necklace.

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