Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wholesale Handmade Porcelain Beads from China

They have some problems about making jewelry distinctive style? Why not have a try with porcelain beads? Using porcelain beads is a great way to add distinctive look and exotic to your designs.
Porcelain, also called china clay, ceramic material is a dense white kaolin made by heating in an oven at elevated temperatures. Porcelain beads are very strong because the heat of cooking often cause the glass to form in the body of the beads. After they have been laid off are non-porous and very durable. Porcelain beads are a clever mix of natural and traditional styles, with a protective coating smooth and shiny. Great for jewelry designs are for the young at heart and more.
These porcelain beads are designed with different models, including animals, flowers and humans, in a variety of beautiful colors. If you are planning a nature-themed design or just want to tap rich colors, make sure to include one of these beautiful pearls in your next beaded jewelry and craft project. With such vibrant colors available in these pearls can easily be the focal point of any project. Use these artist beads for bracelets, necklaces, anklets and high fashion earrings.
Just become a beginner to make jewelry? Do not worry. porcelain beads have large holes that let making jewelry with them becomes easier. You can try to make a simple bracelet with some beads of porcelain. The materials needed are elastic cord and only a few beads of porcelain. Measure you wrist before, and cut an elastic cord with the length of a smaller longer than the measure of your wrist. Dritte the beads on the cord, and tie the ends of two wires together. Cut the cable off. A simple but beautiful bracelet is finished.
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